Southwest Ceramic Mugs by Gale Tuoti -- Desert landscapes, cactus, chilis, quail, cats and more
Southwest art notecards by Gale Tuoti -- Desert landscapes, cactus, chilis, quail, cats and more
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Gale has now brought back her most popular home decorating item with her beautiful Southwest tiles! The tiles are bright and colorful and add a splash of Southwest flair to any room in your home.  They may be grouted into your kitchen backsplash, added to a fireplace you are remodeling, or brighten up a bathroom look you may have grown tired of.   Since these new tiles are now heat resistant, you may use them when setting your table for dining.  Add a fresh, new look with Gale's tiles as trivets under hot dishes to protect your beautiful table. The tiles make a perfect gift that decorate and make a wonderful collectible. 

You may choose from any of Gale's original art designs on this page to order as a single 6 x 6 tile, a small mural 8 x 8, or a dramatic larger mural 12 x 18.  If you are interested in a mural larger than 12 x 18 or a larger quantity of tiles, just email Gale and she will get right back to you -  

SINGLE TILE  6 X 6         $15.95   3 or more, only $14.95 each
SINGLE TILE  6 X 8         $16.95    3 or more, only $15.95 each
 (6 x 8 tiles are only available as a single tile, not available in murals)  
Tile Mural 
8 x 8 SMALL TILE MURAL  (four - 4x4 tiles)          $48

    12 x 18 TILE MURAL  (six - 6 x 6 tiles)          $90
Tile Murals other than sizes listed are available upon request. Email Gale for specifics.

Designs below are also available as Mugs for $9.95.

(Note:  Sandless grout must be used with tiles when grouting onto a wall. Not to be used
as cutting boards, for food serving, on floors, countertops, outside or in swimming pools. May be
wiped clean with a damp cloth.  If you have any questions about installing these tiles, please email Gale)



Our Lady of Guadlupe
Coyote Late Night Chorus
Daisy's Favorite Hat
Born Free
NEW 204 Our Lady of Guadalupe
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NEW 186 Coyote Late Night Chorus
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NEW 189 Serenity
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NEW 201 Daisy's Favorite Hat
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NEW 164 Born
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Beautiful Southwest
Party Time Cat
Sunshine Every Day
NEW 177 The Beautiful Southwest
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NEW 187 Party
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NEW 108 Sunshine Every Day
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southwest art #102
Link to the Past Petroglyph Art #104
107 Southwest pots
southwest art #111
southwest art #125
#103 Enduring Traditions
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Link to the
Past 104
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#105 Kokopeli Dancer
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107 Cactus
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#112 Crazy Chicken Dance
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Hummer Visitor #132
Art Tile 125
southwest art #146
Kokopelli #150
 Southwest Art #130
Dwellers 116
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Dance 125
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#126 Family
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#128 Sweet
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#130 Silence In The Desert
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Cats southwest art #132
southwest art #104
Southwest Sun Art
Petroglyph Art
southwest art #142
The Hummer
Visitor 132
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Bloom 137
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#184 Good Morning!!
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#142 Sante Fe Morning
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Southwest kokopeli
southwest art #155
Quail Southwest Art #198
Cactus southwest art #167
Cactus southwest art #168
#150 The Song Goes On
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#155 Into The Garden
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#157 Free
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Fiesta 167
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#168 Cactus
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 Petroglyph southwest art #170
Cat Art
 Rabbit cactus southwest art #172
 Cows Southwest Art #174
southwest  art #174
#170 Ancient
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#171 Simple Pleasure
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#172 Desert Jackrabbit
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#174 Maisy
& Florin
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#176 An Evening To Remember
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Southwest art #178
Southwest kokopeli Art
southwest art #182
Cat Art - #183
Petroglyph Art - #190
#178 Mesa At Daybreak
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Spirits 181
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#182 A Time For Love
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190 Somewhere
In Time
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southwest #191
southwest frogs art #193
southwest Adobe pots and cactus #194
Southwest Desert Art
#191 Mi Casa Es Su Casa
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#193 Looking For Lunch
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194 Pueblo
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#188 Her
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197 Desert
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Southwest Desert Art
202 Timeless Beauty
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6" x 8" Tiles
Southwest Desert Art
Morniing Walk Art Tile
Home Sweet Home Cats Art Tile
First Steps Art Tiles
Southwest Welcome #213
Spring in the
Desert 211
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Walk 207
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Home Sweet
Home 210
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Steps 212
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Welcome 208
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"Dear Gale, I received the tile and new print you sent! Your amazing talent with color and texture sent me immediately back to the glorious mornings in the Southwest! Spectacular.....I have displayed the tile and prints at work so everyone here can enjoy your gift! It seems to have generated some new fans/collectors here as well! Again, thank you and keep in touch! " -- Cindy T.


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